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  • Wheelhouse TK

    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 100 times. It’s in my “Wheelhouse.” In fact, you probably verbalized it over the years–client meetings, presentations and speeches. We’re glad you like it, because we think it’s a great brand for our broader mission to bring expertise together that extends our Wheelhouse of PR, Social and Marketing.

  • Trevelino/Keller

    Recognized as the fourth fastest growing firm in the U.S., Trevelino/Keller sees itself as a full-service national boutique firm with a focus on building reputations for established and emerging brands. It’s strategic ventures include Consume Brands, Groovy Studios, PR Starbase, Atlas Alliance, Start-Opia and WheelhouseTK.

  • Atlas Alliance

    Although U.S. representation is critical to the success of our clients, we also understand that it is our responsibility to have strong relationships in the ever-expanding global marketplace. So rather than join an international network, we started our own. Meet Atlas Alliance.

  • Groovy Studios

    For early stage companies in need of turnkey project support in terms of creative, web, video or public relations services, Groovy Studios offers a suite of solutions that are uniquely priced and staffed for shorter term engagements with the goal of graduating to Trevelino/Keller’s full-service platform.

  • Consume Brands

    Consume Brands brings together four food and beverage-oriented companies, each with a distinct set of skills that collectively make for one of the country's most dynamic consulting firms. Our focus is simple – innovation, acceleration, reputation and extension.

  • PR Starbase

    PR Starbase is talent management initiative to foster career placement and advancement among the PR, marketing and digital community. We encourage agencies to network, post openings and solicit, yes solicit, members for career opportunities.

  • Start-Opia

    A destination to bring start-up companies, capitalists, service providers and academia together to foster an inclusive, accessible community for start-up enterprises. Look for our launch in 2014.

  • PR Speak

    Our industry is in a constant state of evolution so there’s much to say about how we fit into it. Interested in understanding our POV on technology, lifestyle, franchising, health, greenworks or topics at large, follow our PR Speak blog. Comments welcome.

TK Ventures

Welcome to our Trevelino/Keller ventures site (formerly our WheelhouseTK site).  Today, we own and operate six distinct brands that serve our ambition to be one of America’s best public relations firms.  We believe that Trevelino/Keller, in collaboration with the strategic resources and missions of each of its extended brands, makes a compelling case for sourcing the firm for technology, start-ups, food and beverage, creative and digital marketing.  For a deeper dive on any of our ventures, visit TrevelinoKeller.com or just click.

PR Speak Blog

An Update for the Start-Up Community

There has been a lot of buzz recently on new rulings from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) that change how entrepreneurs raise capital. Unfortunately these rules will negatively impact how investments are made and could reduce equity funding of startups in our community. We encourage the supporters of Atlanta’s Start-Up community to stay informed […]